Why Buy Frozzys

Frozzys is the dog treat with a difference and we are meticulous when it comes to canine nutrition and enjoyment. You won’t find any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours in Frozzys frozen yogurts. We only use natural, simple and healthy ingredients that we know your pooch will love eating and you will love feeding them.

Your dog deserves a treat which is healthy, nutritious and enjoyable. Frozzys frozen yogurt licks every box.


Features & Benefits

Rich in Calcium

Natural source from the primary ingredient – milk

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Enriched with added blend of key vitamins & minerals

Low in Calories

From 44 to 53 calories per pot

Lactose Free

Lactase enzyme removes all lactose for easier digestion

Prebiotic benefits

Natural prebiotic fibre which nourishes good bacteria in the intestine

Low in Fat

No more than 0.85g of fat per pot

No Added Sugar

From 1.1g to 2.89g of naturally occurring sugar per pot

Natural Ingredients

Natural, recognisable ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals

Our Happy Clients