Our Story

About Frozzys

Back in 2013, Noel Conlon and his beloved Border Collie, Juno, tried and tested the market for a healthy, enjoyable dog treat which was nutritious, delicious and wouldn’t vanish in an instant. After struggling to find such a dog treat (much to Juno’s disappointment), Noel teamed up with co-founder Michael Hunt, and they made it their mission to create a unique, fun and tasty dog treat which would benefit canine health and wellbeing.

With canine obesity and disease rates ever-increasing, Noel and Michael felt a personal responsibility to develop simple, yet effective, recipes which would deliver multiple health benefits and features. With expert support from Senior Food Technologists at CAFRE (College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise), the team first created frozen yogurt treats which are low-calorie and low-fat, lactose-free, naturally rich in calcium, packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, great-tasting, slow-to consume and so much more. The Frozzys team has since gone on to develop Frozzys Superbites – the tasty dog treats with added probiotics to support healthy canine digestion.

Dogs and their owners across the country, and further afield, are now part of the Frozzys’ pack. With Frozzys, you can rest assured that you’re barking up the right tree with our portfolio of nutritious and delicious dog treats.

Pet Professionals

Meet Our Team


Our Sampling Team

Meet Waffle and Hollie: quality control experts, dog treat connoisseurs and Frozzys’ biggest fans. Their standards are high and their requirement check list is extensive. They know what they want and they know quality when they see (and taste) it.

Alongside Juno, Rio, Rascal and Myla, Hollie and Waffle are the final piece of the jigsaw – completing one big Frozzys family. Each pup is responsible for providing honest and authentic feedback on flavours, presentation and enjoyability to ensure that all Frozzys customers (human and canine) will be happy with (and wanting more of) our range of dog treat products.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a fundamental principle to us at Frozzys.
All of our products are quality tested and assured to make sure that they are:

Packed with great flavours

Easy to digest

Full of natural ingredients

Supportive of overall canine health

Free from any artificial colours or flavours

Great tasting with great texture