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To become a stockist of Frozzys lickable frozen yogurt, we have a number of options you can choose from to suit your business needs. See below for our UK and Ireland distributors, or you can choose to purchase Frozzys from your local wholesaler.
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Did You Know?

This means that in the ‘wild’, their diet would include scavenged fruits and vegetables. This makes Frozzys’ fruit flavours very palatable for dogs.

This is why we use a lactase enzyme in Frozzys to remove all lactose from our frozen yogurt products.

Overheating can be very dangerous. The frozen nature of Frozzys products means they’re a great way of encouraging your dog to keep cool on warmer days.

This is usually due to too many overindulgent treats. All Frozzys products are low-calorie and low-fat; perfect for doggies on a diet!

Treats which take time and effort to consume – like Frozzys Frozen Yogurts – are a great way to keep dogs mentally stimulated.

And it can be painful like it tends to be for human babies. The cooling nature of Frozzys Frozen Yogurts can soothe and relieve teething pain.

Probiotics (added to our Frozzys Superbites) can help to rebalance the microbiome of a dog’s gut which supports overall health.