Benefits of Frozzys Frozen Yogurt

Benefits of Frozzys Frozen Yogurt

Here at Frozzys we are passionate about providing naturally nutritious treats for your dog. Our range of healthy treats will support your dog’s digestive health. Frozzys Frozen Yogurt is the perfect healthy and nutritious treat for your dog.

Our range of healthy frozen yogurts are the perfect treat for your dog. It's cooling and soothing, lactose free and low-calorie. Frozzys is gentle on your pet’s sensitive digestive system yet so tasty they'll be panting for more! Whether you are out for a long walk or tucked up at home for the evening, Frozzys frozen yogurt can be enjoyed all year round.

Frozzys Frozen Yogurt is:

  • Rich in calcium
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Low in calorie
  • Lactose free

Alongside a variety of health benefits, Frozzys frozen yogurt can be used as a base or topper to add some additional flavour and goodness to your dog’s meals. You can use our Frozen yogurt spread across LickiMats to aid with separation anxiety. You can keep your pets occupied whilst they are home alone or during working hours to provide a tasty lickable distraction.

Why use a LickiMat alongside Frozzys Frozen Yogurt?

  • They alleviate stress
  • Help create mental stimulation for dogs if their exercise is limited or if physical exercise doesn't always tire them out.
  • Encourage healthy teeth and gums
  • Useful to reinforce activities like grooming, bath time and nail trims
  • Encourage play especially in puppies to avoid destructive behaviour

You can find our Frozzys Frozen Yogurts and Frozzys Superbites in many pet stores throughout the UK and Ireland. Use the map on our website to find your closest retailer -

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