Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs

Benefits Of Yogurt For Dogs

There is a growing interest in the use of natural products for our furry family members. But, did you know that there is a natural option that can improve your dog’s digestive system and help treat different dog diseases?

It’s called Yogurt!  And we are going to outline some of the significant benefits of yogurt for dogs:

  1. It improves and enhances the immune system
  2. It improves digestion and balance control in the Gut flora
  3. It helps to control and reduce high levels of total cholesterol
  4. It helps to reduce the incidence of yeast infection and provides temporary relief
  5. It is a good source of animal protein that helps to build muscle.
  6. It is a natural source of Potassium, essential to maintain muscles and nerves and to regulate fluid levels in your dog’s body
  7. It is a good source of Calcium that helps to develop bone health

As well as the health benefits, yogurt can be used as a base or topper to add some additional flavour and goodness to your dog’s meals.  Frozen yogurt is a great treat for dogs after a walk to help cool them down or if you want to keep them occupied for a while, Frozen yogurt provides a tasty lickable distraction.

Always go for natural plain, low or non-fat yogurt and avoid sugary flavoured yogurts, and never feed yogurt that contains the ingredient xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is toxic for dogs. It’s also important to avoid yogurt that is chocolate flavoured, since chocolate is also poisonous to dogs.

Before giving your pooch yogurt, consult your veterinarian to ensure proper serving suggestions.

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