Foods Your Pet Should Avoid This Christmas

Foods Your Pet Should Avoid This Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and our team at Frozzys wanted to bring you some helpful advice to make your pet a priority around mealtimes, snack times & over party platers shared. As we gather with our families to celebrate Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years, it is important to be aware of how to minimize your pet’s exposure to unsafe foods this year. Enjoying many treats, leftovers and luxuries are many of our pet’s favourite parts of family occasions but, it can also be an extremely troubling time if they digest toxic foods.

Across the month of December 75% of dogs are more likely to be treated by a vet for eating human food that is poisonous to them, compared to any other month of the year.

If you notice that your pet has eaten something that it shouldn't have, speak to your vet straight away.

Please never try to resolve the issue by making your dog sick, this can cause other complications, which may harm your dog. Take a note of exactly what they have eaten, how much in quantity, when they ingested the foods and the noticeable symptoms. This way the vet will be able to assist your dog as soon as possible.

Check out our information guide to learn more about the foods to avoid this Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, from Waffle and the team at Frozzys.

Foods to Avoid

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