Helping Your Dog Cope With Boredom

Helping Your Dog Cope With Boredom

As the festive season ramps up, some of our dogs find themselves alone for longer periods of time. Traffic delays and the sheer volume of people means it takes us longer to run errands, get groceries and generally get from A to B.

Being left for longer periods than normal can result in boredom for your dog.


A bored dog will make his or her own fun. This is often by chewing furniture, shoes, fixtures, digging or generally causing a big mess.

Fortunately we have a few tips than can help your dog cope with boredom.


  • Try leaving puzzle toys which are stuffed with delicious treats for your dog to work for.
  • Rotate all toys frequently to ensure your dog stays interested in them.
  • Don't underestimate socialisation - socialising even adult dogs is mentally stimulating.

Superbites are the ideal treats to use for puzzle toys as they are low calorie and are packed with probiotics to support a healthy tummy.

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