How to keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy

How to keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy

Keeping your dog’s skin and fur well looked after and protected all year round has many influential factors we must consider. From seasonal changes, grooming and nutrition our dog’s skin and coats may change through the year but it is important to know what is normal for the breed of dog and note its regular appearance. Increases in humidity and temperature in the warmer seasons can often cause more frequent itching and scratching, whereas through the winter The shortening of days during the colder months cues their body to start growing thicker hair.

Nutrition plays a central role in the appearance and quality of dog’s skin and coat.  Protein and energy are needed for skin and haircoat development. If food does not have adequate protein or fat, the dog may develop areas of hair loss or the hair may lose colour. Their haircoat may become dry, dull, and brittle. Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals play an essential part in caring for your pet's skin and coat. Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) help protect the skin and coat and keep it shiny. Skin issues and poor coat condition are often signs of an immune system problem that can occur when your dog's gut microbiome isn't functioning well. Because 70%–80% of immune system cells live in the gut, your dog's skin and coat symptoms could actually be a sign that their gut microbiome is out of balance.

You can follow the easy tips for your dog below for a shiny, healthy skin & coat:

  • Regular baths

A bath once or twice a month is recommended for regular hygiene but be aware that too much bathing can affect the quality of your dog’s skin and fur by removing the natural oils produced.

  • Brushing

Regular brushing will remove tangles, matting and help with de-shedding depending on the particular breed.

  • High-quality nutrition

Keep an eye on ingredients labels, check with your vet or research around their breed for recommendations. Low quality nutrition can lead to dull and matted coats.

  • Nutritional Treats

Who doesn’t love a treat! Unfortunately, not all of our dogs’ treats are created equally so it is important when rewarding good behaviour or a daily pick me up, you choose treats with quality ingredients and nutritional benefits to encourage healthy skin and coat.

  • Coconut Oil

Use of coconut oil has multiple benefits for dog’s skin and coat. You can add a tablespoon into their daily meal as a treat or apply it directly to the skin and fur for added moisture. When applying it to the skin massage it across their body or you can also add it to their regular shampoo.

At Frozzys we are passionate about providing naturally nutritious treats for your dog. Our range of healthy treats will support your dog’s digestive health. Visit our website to view the full range of our Superbites, are made from 100% natural ingredients with probiotics to help rebalance the gut microbiome. Superbites are naturally rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from linseed and rapeseed oil, which are essential for a healthy skin and coat, as well as superfruits which contain antioxidants.

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