Obesity: A Bone To Pick With Pet Owners

Obesity: A Bone To Pick With Pet Owners

Obesity. It’s a hefty problem. According to government statistics, 64.3% of adults in the UK are either overweight or obese. With poor food choices and lack of activity being the main culprits for this shocking figure. With humans being responsible for the diets of their pets, it’s no surprise that this obesity epidemic is spilling over to affect our furry friends.

What’s the problem?

There has been an abundance of research, reports and statistics into pet obesity over the last 10 years, with the Pet Food Manufacturing Association releasing a white paper on the subject earlier this year https://www.pfma.org.uk/_assets/docs/White%20Papers/PFMA-Obesity-Report-2019.pdf. According to studies carried out by PFMA, 51% of dogs and 44% of cats are overweight or obese, with 74% of vets believing that obesity has worsened over the last five years. Every vet questioned reported that they are concerned about the prevalence of obesity, with pet owner’s lack of awareness and societal attitudes towards the subject of ‘fat’ being held responsible for this.

Unfortunately for our pets, obesity can have a devastating effect on their health and wellbeing with overweight dogs having a reduced life expectancy of two and half years as well some other horrid potential side effects including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, respiratory disease and pancreatitis. If you suspect your pet is overweight, you can consult this handy article of advice from the RSPCA https://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/general/obesity.

Snack attack

It is unsurprising that one part of a pet’s daily feeding routine is highlighted as particularly damaging for pet weight management: Treat Time. Many pet owners don’t realise the amount of additional calories these treats equate to. 98% of vets surveyed believe that the overfeeding of treats contributes most to the issue of overweight and obese pets. Whether you treat your pet for good behaviour, to cure boredom or just to show that you love them, you are, perhaps unknowingly, hugely increasing their daily calorie and fat intake which can lead to weight gain. Commercially produced, ‘traditional’ pet treats and table scraps (from human food) can be laden with fat, salt, sugar, calories and artificial ingredients which are potentially detrimental to your pet’s health. They are also generally very quick to consume, so you can easily overfeed your dog by giving multiple treats in one sitting.

However, dogs really are part of the family (especially to the team here at Frozzys), and that means that we like to treat our pets in order to show affection. Treats can be given physically, in the form of cuddles, play time and walks, and of course in the form of food. The good news is that food treats don’t have to have a negative effect on your dog’s weight or health if you change to natural, low-fat or low-calorie dog treats. It is recommended that owners put a treat strategy in place whereby treats make up no more than 10 percent of a pet’s daily food ration.

Low-fat Frozzys

When Frozzys founder, Noel Conlon, began his mission to create a healthy, nutritious and low-fat dog treat for his beloved Border Collie, Juno, one of his stipulations was that he wanted to be able to treat his dog with something that would be nutritionally beneficial and support his dog’s health and wellbeing. That considered, it was always imperative that Frozzys would be naturally low fat and low calorie whilst being extremely nutritious. Featuring only natural ingredients, which are easily digestible for dogs, Frozzys frozen yogurt for dogs provides a rich source of calcium, vitamins, minerals and fibre in a handy, lickable pot.

With only 44-53 calories and 1.1gm -2.89gm of naturally occurring sugar per pot, Frozzys is the low-fat dog treat with a difference. It’s a perfect solution for treating your dog as a loving owner does, whilst actively managing their weight and contributing to their health. With a simple list of ingredients which are digestion-friendly, great tasting and nutritionally beneficial, Frozzys frozen yogurt for dogs is a natural, guilt-free dog treat.

Frozzys frozen yogurt for dogs is also a low-fat dog treat which is fun-to-consume. On average, it takes a dog 10-15 minutes to consume a single pot of Frozzys. This means that you are limiting your dog’s calories and fat, without limiting the mental stimulation and enjoyment that treats can provide.

Walking it off

Another contributor to weight gain is exercise – or lack of it - with 80% of vets believing that a lack of exercise contributes to obesity among pets. Giving your dog frequent walks is a great way to physically and mentally exercise them, which contributes to weight loss and healthy weight management. If your dog’s weight gain has led to a bit of a struggle when it comes to fitness, Frozzys can help to cool your dog down after exercise thanks to its frozen nature. Simply take off the lid and serve to your dog straight from the freezer for a cooling and low-calorie dog treat, perfect for enjoying after a session of exercise.

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