The Lowdown On How Sugar Affects Your Dog

The Lowdown On How Sugar Affects Your Dog

Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners which are added to lots of treats can cause stomach upset and an imbalance of the bacteria that live in the gut. Sugar consumption can cause weight gain, diabetes, tooth problems and other health issues in the long term.

Common discomforts include:

Vomiting, diarrhea, gas, and general discomfort. Symptoms can range from mild to serious.

What to look out for:

Try to avoid treats that contain corn syrup, fructose and white sugar.

Did you know:

In the wild, the carbohydrates that dogs would naturally eat consisted of fibres and the sugars found in certain fruits?

At Frozzys we care about the health of your dog, which is why you won't find any artificial sugar or ingredients in our treats. In fact, our Superbites are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain probiotics to help rebalance the gut microbiome.

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