Tips For Calming Your Dog

Tips For Calming Your Dog

It can be extremely stressful seeing your four legged friend in distress, however anxiety and stress in dogs can be very common and there are a range of triggers from fireworks and loud noises to visitors in the home.

Our top tips for calming your dog are:

1. Recognise the signs

By recognising a change in your dogs body language, you can react quickly to help calm them down. Common signs of anxiety or stress in dogs include drooling, panting heavily, pacing, whining, tucking their tail between their legs or pinning their ears down.

2. Don't give your dog verbal cues or eye contact

By avoiding verbal cues and eye contact, this can take the pressure off your dog, enabling them to choose a more appropriate behaviour which gives them the opportunity to calm and relax themselves naturally.

3. Use the calming touch

If your dog is continually pacing, place your palm on the side of their body to help them calm down.

4. Provide a safe and calm space

This is particularly important if your dog is triggered by loud noises. You can also use white noise or calming music to help drown out the noises that are frightening your dog.

5. Promote soothing behaviour

Licking can be a soothing behaviour for dogs that helps them feel calm, relaxed and more at ease.

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