Top Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe Over Halloween!

Top Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe Over Halloween!

Halloween can be fun for the whole family, but can also be stressful and dangerous for your pet pooch. Your dog may be exposed to many unfamiliar sights and sounds, especially with so many spooky visitors knocking on the front door.

However, there are some steps that you can follow to make Halloween less stressful for your furry family members.

  1. Walk your dog before dark.
  2. Feed your dog before any fireworks begin.
  3. Create a safe haven for your dog. This is simply an area with your dog’s blanket or cushion and one or two familiar toys. Feed your dog in this little hide away haven and offer treats like a tasty, fun Frozzys frozen yogurt to keep them occupied and stimulated while they are in their safe place.
  4. Be cautious when opening doors so your dog doesn’t escape.
  5. Keep human treats and sweets out of reach
  6. Play competing noise from the TV/radio to distract your dog
  7. Close the doors and windows. Make sure all blinds, shutters, and curtains are shut
  8. Be careful of lit pumpkins and candles
  9. Try to be home or have someone stay with your dog during a firework event.
  10. Create positive associations with loud noises

Above all else try to keep your dog calm and happy this Halloween and Bonfire Night to reduce any chance of distress.

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