Why adding nutrition naturally is so important

Why adding nutrition naturally is so important

Adding nutrition naturally to Frozzys range of treats is our number one priority when developing delicious recipes with top quality ingredients. It is crucial for the ingredients to contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to provide your furry friend with the necessary building blocks for a healthy life. 


Adding nutrition naturally to dog treats is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Digestive Health: Natural ingredients are generally easier for dogs to digest compared to artificial additives and fillers. This can help prevent digestive issues such as upset stomachs and promoting better gastrointestinal health.

  2. Maintaining Weight and Energy Levels: Natural treats can help maintain your dog's weight and energy levels more effectively. High-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients can provide sustained energy without causing spikes and crashes, keeping your dog active and healthy.

  3. Improved Coat and Skin Health: Many natural ingredients contain essential fatty acids that contribute to healthy skin and a shiny coat. Ingredients like salmon oil, flaxseed, and coconut oil can help reduce shedding, alleviate dry skin, and promote a soft, lustrous coat.

  4. Reduced Allergies and Sensitivities: Artificial additives and fillers found in some commercial dog treats can trigger allergies and sensitivities in dogs. By opting for natural ingredients, you can minimise the risk of allergic reactions and sensitivities, ensuring that your dog can enjoy treats without discomfort.

  5. Long-Term Health Benefits: Providing natural nutrition in dog treats can contribute to your dog's long-term health and longevity. A diet rich in natural ingredients can help prevent chronic health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, promoting a higher quality of life for your canine companion.

By adding nutrition naturally to your pet's diet is essential for promoting overall health and ensuring long-term well-being. By trusting in our wide variety of nutritious treats with high-quality, natural ingredients, you can give your dog the best possible support to their health and happiness for years to come.

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