New Frozzys Soft Scoop

Frozzys Soft Scoop

New Frozzys Soft Scoop

We've just launched a NEW healthy lickable Soft Scoop frozen yogurt treat for dogs.

Perfect for catering and hospitality outlets, Frozzys Soft Scoop is available in 2 lickable flavours - Vanilla and Strawberry, both of which are rich in calcium, low in calories and have no added sugar.

The new Soft Scoop variety is made in the UK and is packed full of carefully selected nutritionally beneficial ingredients.

If you're interested in stocking our new Frozzys Soft Scoop, please submit an enquiry via our trade page.

Frozzys Naturally Nutritious Treats

Lactose Free

All of our products are lactose free, making them the perfect healthy treat for dogs.

Low Calorie

Our Frozzys Frozen Yogurt is naturally low calorie making it the perfect everyday treat for your dog.

No Added Sugar

You won't find added sugar or any unhealthy additives in any of our products, just heathly, natural ingredients.