7 Benefits of Grain Free Dog Treats

7 Benefits of Grain Free Dog Treats

Our Frozzys Superbites are proudly grain free. Most dog owners will have heard the term "grain free" but are unsure of the benefits of grain free treats. Here are the 7 key benefits of feeding your dog grain free treats:

1. Aids A Healthier Coat

Experts say there are two reasons for this - partly due to the reduction in grains and partly due to the fact grain free treats and food tend to contain omega fatty acids which improve the condition of the coat. Our Superbites are rich in Omega 3 & 6 to give your dog a glossier and healthier coat.

2. Improved Skin

The grain in dog food and treats can often be the cause of itchy, irritated and dry skin. Grain free treats and food that are rich in Omega 3 & 6 can also improve your dogs skin.

3. Smaller Stools

A grain free diet tends to produce smaller, less frequent stools. The reason for this is that there is less in grain free products that can't be digested, therefore less waste is produced.

4. Less Gas

Grains cause bad smelling gas which can often be uncomfortable for your dog. Grain free products reduce the amount of gas your dog passes.

5. Better Breath

Bad breath can often be caused by the food your dog is eating. Products that contain grains tend to leave a film over your dog's teeth, causing more bacteria in the mouth. This will eventually get washed away with water and saliva but can cause bad breath in between times. Grain free treats and food won't leave a film over your dog's teeth, so won't cause bad breath.

6. Reduction In Allergies

Many dogs have allergies to some of the ingredients in standard treats and pet food. One of the main signs of this is itchy skin. If grain is the cause of this, removing it from their diet will clear up their symptoms.

7. No Fall In Blood Sugar

Products that contain grain tend to have had a lot of the fibre stripped away. This can cause your dog to use up their energy much quicker than usual. This spike then leads to a crash where the dog's blood sugar levels will fall, leaving them feeling lethargic and unenergetic. Grain free products don't have this issue and allow your dog to burn energy over a longer period of time, meaning there is no spike and no crash.

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