The Benefits of Calcium For Dogs

Benefits of Calcium For Dogs

Did you know Frozzys Frozen Yogurt is loaded with calcium?

Dogs cannot produce calcium naturally, so they have to get it from their diet. Calcium plays an important role in keeping your dog healthy.

Calcium is essential for:


Calcium is a building block for bones, making it especially important for puppies.

Maintaining Healthy Bones & Teeth

We all know the importance of calcium for humans in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, this is also the case for your pooch!

Proper Muscle Building & Function

A lesser known benefit of calcium is that it is essential for the building and function of muscles.

Heart Health

Calcium is also key to heart health, as it plays an important role in the electrical activity and pumping function of the heart.

Maintaining a Healthy Nervous System

Another lesser known fact about calcium is that is it key in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Our Frozzys Frozen Yogurts are a delicious, healthy and nutritious treat for dogs. Frozzys Frozen Yogurts are rich in calcium, lactose-free and low-calorie making them the perfect iced treat.

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