How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Firework Season

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Firework Season

Fireworks are commonly used throughout the Halloween period and can be enjoyable for all of the family, but not so much for our little pet pooches. Costumes, new noises and crowds can spark many new behaviours in our pets causing them to act out of their common routines. You can support your pet through this time by following some helpful guidelines below. You can remember these by using the term ROCKET

Reduce noise inside the home and outside of the home by closing curtains and windows. Turn on a television or a radio to create a peaceful atmosphere for your pets and drown out any unwanted noise.

Occupy pets with new toys, treats and games to distract them

Calm and quite behaviour can be rewarded to minimize anxious and worried behaviour

Keep calm yourself to reduce passing anxiety onto your pets

Early use of anti-stress aids such as, a Kong filled with treats or their favourite toys

Time out in a safe area. Create a safe haven for your dog to relax and stay calm in. It is useful to create this space and get your pet used to this area before the fireworks begin so that they are used to the peaceful environment and consider it safe.

Ensuring you follow the guidelines above for inside of the home will minimize anxiety and unwanted behaviours around firework season. You can also plan ahead to time dog walks early in the morning or in the evening before any of the activities begin. This will allow your dog time outside before returning home to their safe haven.

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