New Frozzys Soft Scoop!

New Frozzys Soft Scoop!

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We've just launched a NEW healthy lickable Soft Scoop frozen yogurt treat for dogs! The new Soft Scoop variety is made in the UK and is packed full of carefully selected nutritionally beneficial ingredients.

Dog owners are becoming increasingly aware of the nutritional value of their dogs diet. Ice cream is notorious for being high in fat and sugar, whereas our Frozzys Soft Scoop is lactose free, low in fat, contains no added sugar and is rich in prebiotic fibre to aid digestion.

Perfect for catering and hospitality outlets, Frozzys Soft Scoop is available in 2 lickable flavours - Vanilla and Strawberry, both of which are rich in calcium, low in calories and have no added sugar.

At Frozzys we're passionate about developing healthy and nutritious treats for our pets. This is why we’ve developed a new GUILT FREE nutritious lickable soft scoop in our two best-selling flavours, strawberry and vanilla.

Keep an eye out for Frozzys new Soft Scoop, which is now available in a range of hospitality and catering outlets.

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